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Jual Meja Blok Trembesi


RADJAPENDAPA – Meja blok kayu utuh setebal 10 centimeter, lebar 90-1,2 meter, sedang menjadi favourit banyak orang. Ada yang memilih panjang 2,5 meter, 3 meter, 4 meter, 5 meter untuk meja makan atau meja rapat di kantor. Meja jenis ini memang kelihatan alami, tidak ada sambungan, kelihatan jelas serat dan alur tahun si kayu. Trembesi […]

Root Chair, Chair Root


RADJAPENDAPA – For artists, sitting has a deep meaning. Sitting is not only placing your body on the comfortable, relaxing your feet, holding your body, or having the function of sitting but also “sitting” means getting more feeling of dignity with its existence. That is the way of having a seat in the artist’s point […]

Kudus Special Gebyok ( = wooden carved partition )


From “Rumah Indonesia Gallery” Exhibition in Gandaria City Jaksel (3) RADJAPENDAPA – Once visitors were impressed by the presentation of the regol or the great wooden main gate or gapura, the next, their view would turn to the partitions which were placed to decorate the wall on the furthest part of the room , faced […]

The Main Gate (=gapura) Makes the Gallery Alive


From “Rumah Indonesia Gallery” Exhibition in Gandaria City Jaksel (2) RADJAPENDAPA – Every visitors stole a look at the right direction when they were passing through the escalator in front of the location of “Rumah Indonesia Gallery” exhibition on UG floor, in Gandaria City Mall. They stole a look and paid their attention to the […]

Chinese Wooden Partition (=Chinese wooden gebyok) Becomes A Masterpiece


From “Rumah Indonesia Gallery” Exhibition in Gandaria City South Jakarta (1) RADJAPENDAPA – Passing through UG floor at Gandaria City, especially in the corridor between Sushi Tei Japanese restaurant and Samsonite, the nuance of “Rumah Indonesia Gallery” was getting closer. The 2,8 meter-high Gebyok (=traditional Javanese wooden partition), with the topping of three dimensional carvings […]

The Awesome legs of Bale-Bale


RADJAPENDAPA – In average, modern minimized furniture, the legs of chairs and tables are slim and strong. It is because of their materials are mostly from iron plate or from the mixed titanium which is very strong to hold more than 100 kilograms of load. It is made slim, simple, minimized but functional and able […]

Having a seat on Bale Bale Marmer


RADJAPENDAPA – This is a feature of bale-bale marmer hijau (= a big chair with green marble on the seat). It is the most difficult chair to search. The chair has legendary Chinese typical carving describing the nine Gods found in the legend of Chinese mythology. This is the finished feature from the catalogue of […]

Giant Lesung, Radja Lesung


RADJAPENDAPA – Lesung is a wooden paddy mortar in the age of ancient Java. It made of hard woods such as teak, tamarind and jackfruit wood. Lesung is made of an unimpaired wood . Then a hole is dug in such a way for placing dried paddies to be pounded together. During the process of […]

Having a visit in Kudus Traditional House


RADJAPENDAPA – Kudus traditional house in Museum Kretek or the Cigarette Museum in Kudus city seems to be less well-taken care. The old teak wood has turned to be black and unvarnished. It is true that the house needs restoring, but it is okay since it can be the reference of the beauty of the […]